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 ½"  mm 130 mm 195
¾"  mm 130  mm 195
1"  mm 130  mm 195


MIX 5" Cartridge Filter

MIX 5" is a filter made up of three parts that solve the problem of impurities in electric pump suction. Designed for easy assembly, it is compact and provided with a large filtering surface thus allowing a considerable amount of water to pass through each time.

Connected to the electric pump suction, it retains any suspended particle (according to the size of the cartridge filtering mesh). It protects the electric pump and everything else that would otherwise come into contact with sand or other foreign bodies in the water.
It can be used in any other situation requiring a compact efficient filter.
It can be supplied with two types of cartridge:

 -  20-micron wound wire, disposable
-   60-micron washable plastic mesh.

Do not install the filters using green paste or hemp.
Use Teflon only.