steril10 gen


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G 1"; 1.½"  182 mm 342  mm

High water flow rates, quality, and reliability.

The STERIL 10" filter is a water conditioner which, coupled with the cartridges supplied, allows to remove huge quantities of suspended solids and bacteria.
In particular, thanks to its ceramic cartridge, it allows to remove up to the 99.99% of suspended solids and bacteria present in the water with a size up to 0.9 microns. It is, therefore, the right filter for all people who want to drink and use pure, bacteria-free water. The results before and after the bacteria analysis clearly show that this filter has such a large filtering and sterilization capacity that it makes it very useful for all people who are currently forced to use contaminated water.
To obtain a better result, it is advisable to also install the Steril filter with activated carbon impregnated with silver salts that allow the absorption of chlorine and many other harmful chemical elements such as arsenic, atrazine, oils, solvents, etc., in series with a Steril 10 "filter with ceramic cartridge, as in the diagram below:


Ceramic + Active Carbon

With the combined installation of these two filters a two-stage filtration is achieved; the mechanical filtration with the ceramic cartridge and the chemical filtration with the activated carbon. These filters are therefore essential for houses, hospitals, nursery schools, schools, public offices, hotels, campings, stables, etc.
For the perfect coupling of the two filters and for safety's sake we suggest installing a nipples with a safety valve (art. 552).