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The FILTER SUPER STERIL 20” is a water conditioner that, thanks to its ceramic cartridge, allows to remove 99,99% of suspended solids and waterborne bacteria down to 0,9 micron. It is, therefore, the right filter for all the people who want to drink and to use pure, bacteria-free water.
The results before and after the bacteria analysis show very clearly that this filter has got such a great filtering and sterilizing capability that makes it very useful for all the people who are at present forced to use contaminated water.
In order to get a better result, it is advisable to install also the Steril filter with activated carbon impregnated with silver salts which allow absorbing chlorine and many other noxious chemical elements such as arsenic, atrazine, oils, solvents etc.

It is known that using pure water, without chlorine and other harmful chemical elements, is fundamental for human and animal beings' health.
With the combined installation of these two filters a two-stage filtration is achieved; the mechanical filtration with the ceramic cartridge and the chemical filtration with the activated carbon. These filters are therefore essential for houses, nursery schools, schools, public offices, hotels, campings, stables, etc.

Super Steril was created with our usual quality and reliability for those who need to treat large water flows. We have created special filters that adapt to the Super Steril's characteristic large capacity.

Activated carbon - Polyphosphate - Ceramic cartridge

With activated carbon drinking water quality is improved by absorbing several harmful and polluting chemicals such as chlorine, atrazine, phenols, lindane, etc. and, with the silver salts with which it is impregnated, bacterial proliferation is avoided. The amount of carbon necessary for the two filters is approx. 3,000 grams for the Super Steril filter (art. 513.2050) against the other, smaller filters' approx. 300 grams, and guarantee a far superior amount of filtered water;

With polyphosphate salts, the lime which would be deposited in the hot water producing equipment's pipes and heating elements is kept in suspension. This way scaling up and blocking the system's pipes and coils is avoided. The amount of polyphosphate salt necessary for the Super Steril filter is approx. 8,000 grams (art. 514.2001);

With the ceramic cartridge, a micro-filtration is carried out thanks to the porous characteristics of the ceramic which stops all suspended solid particles and bacteria down to 0.9 microns; a 99.99% bacteriologically pure water is thus obtained. Furthermore, the special silver compound incorporated in the ceramic material prevents bacterial proliferation and makes the cartridge self-sterilizing. The active carbon inside the cartridge improves the water's taste as it removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine, atrazine, phenols, lindane etc., and reduces toxic lead's concentration to 150 ppb for about 6 months.

For Super Steril 20” a polypropylene cartridge is available with a 1-micron degree of filtration, art. 519.2000; for the removal of solid particles suspended in water, one can also use the Supersterilfilter cartridges such as wound thread plastic mesh and stainless steel cartridges.


Ceramic + Active Carbon
For the perfect coupling of the two filters and for safety's sake we suggest installing a nipple with a safety valve (art. 552).