galleggianti gb50


This floater switch is used when it is not possible to use the standard sealed floater for technical reasons or for reasons of space. The floater switch is very easy to fit to the tank and it is this feature that differentiates it from other switches. It is designed to work only with the ballast supplied without the need for extra counterweights, equalizes, pulleys, etc. This means that it can be fitted directly onto the container lid.

No adjustment is needed when fitting it. Only the stops on the cable have to be set in order to obtain the required difference in level. The floater switch is desgned to be used in systems provided with pressureless tanks (free surface). If it is to be used in liquids other than water, then a version with a nylon floater is available (black), as nylon is resistant to hydrocarbons in general and to many other liquids.

Technical features:

  • Microswitch: 1 exchange contact.
  • Contacts load: 6 A to 220 V
  • Cable length: standard mt. 1
  • Minimum level difference: cm. 2
  • Maximum level difference: no limits; according to space available for floater stroke
  • Protection: IP 44
  • Weight of switch complete with floater: gr. 460

Availble items:

  • 630.0000 - GB 50 Switch Floater

  • 630.0001 - GB 50 Switch Floater for diesel

    Supplied with a floater in Nylon (black color) that resists to hydrocarbons in general and to many other liquids.