big 20 con schema


G¾" mm 130 mm 585
G1" mm 130 mm 585
G1.¼" mm 130 mm 573
G1.½" mm 130 mm 573

SUPER BIG is a cartridge filter – height 20" – which can be used in industrial applications, when there is no need to filter big quantities of water.

Thanks to the double filtering surface of the cartridges, the life time of the filter is considerably longer and the maintenance becomes less frequent.

Capacity without cartridge

Ø  ¾" 2400 lt/h
Ø   1" 3500 lt/h
Ø1.¼" 5200 lt/h
Ø1.½" 6000 lt/h

Do not install the filters using green paste or hemp.

Use Teflon only.