Our manual water softeners are studied right down to the smallest details, safe and simple to operate.
They are used to soften drinking water; making it lighter; or to eliminate scale, the source of severe problems in pipes,thus avoiding encrustation. The advantages of using this appliance include better performance of irons, boilers, water heaters etc.

Technical characteristics.

  • Manual water softeners are available in two different versions: the traditional one with two ball taps, one at water input and one at output, and the new By-Pass range with a single valve, allowing the supply of water for use even during regeneration.
  • Both versions are available in four different sizes: L8, L12, L16, L20.
  • The parts of the cylinder and the cover are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The cover is composed of two independent parts to allow convenient and safe opening and closing of the water softener.
  • The filters, located inside the cylinder, are positioned in such a way as to make maximum use of the resin that they contain.
  • Synthetic discs are fitted in the output filter to ensure optimum filtering of the output water..
  • With the traditional model the taps are available with 3/8” or 3/4” fittings or with a hostel fitting.
  • The By-Pass model has 3/8” fittings with the possibility of connecting them at 3/4”.
  • The By-Pass valve allows washing in counter current.
  •  Both models must be feeded with drinking water, at a temperature between 5° and 25° C, at a max pressure of 8 bars and with a maximum total hardenss of 90° f (French degrees).
  • The flow rates for both versions are: L8 – 300 lt/h; L12 – 350lt/h; L16 – 400 lt/h; L20 – 500lt/h.
  •  The resin used is specifically intended for softening and complies with the regulations for foodstuffs.
  •  Caution: for regeneration, use only NaCl (cooking salt).


Item Code Capacity
 470.0008 Liters 8
 470.0012 Liters 12
 470.0016 Liters 16
470.0020 Liters 20


Item Code Capacity
 460.0008 Liters 8
 460.0012 Liters 12
 460.0016 Liters 16
460.0020 Liters 20