Automatic control system for electric pumps, with constant pressure and flow

Coupled to the special 4-way joint and fitted on an electric pump, it replaces the 24 lt. membrane tank and provides a considerable saving in space, thanks to its small dimensions.
The Flowsystem principle, which allows controlling the pump by the flow not depending on the pressure, improves operation and efficiency of the electric pump as it provides for a constant flow and pressure and the use of the whole range of the electric pump. It is, therefore, possible to achieve the same results with less powerful electric pumps than previously thus reducing initial costs, consumption and noise levels. Even the setting operations, thanks to the Flowsystem principle, become easier because you only have to fix the starting pressure since Flowsystem stops the pump relating to the flow, not more to the pressure.

A special device eliminates water leaks caused by faulty seals. Elimination of the membrane and the use of non-toxic high-quality raw materials ensure complete non-toxicity and long life. Technical instructions for fitting and maintenance are given in the leaflet provided with every product.

Flowsystem, on request, is available with "DRY RUNNING PROTECTION SYSTEM" which stops the electric pump if there is no water supply.(Art. 723.).

Individual working tests are made on each product before the sale.

Do not install any type of sealing in the coupling between the connector and the Flowsystem.

Available Items:



Flowsystem Kit

Flowsystem Kit

Dry Running protection Kit

Dry Running protection Kit

Body with Mechanism

Body with Mechanism

Vase for Flowsystem

Vase for Flowsystem

and details

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