GL 90 Floating Switches

Interruttori a galleggiante GL 90

GL 90 is made of sealed plastic, silver contacts. Used to control the filling and emptying level of tanks, pools, cesspits, sewers etc. The level control range is directly proportional to the free length of the cable. In addition to the standard length, a number of other sizes are available on request. All our float switches are individually tested according to the IMQ/ENEC 03.

Available with PVC or NEOPRENE cable and can be supplied, on request, a complete with plug.
Furthermore, for a further guarantee, individual working tests are made before the sale.

Technical features

  • Microswitch: 1exchange contact
  • Capacity of contacts: 16(4)A a 250 V ~
  • Capacity of contacts: 10(4)A a 250 V ~
  • IMQ - ENEC 03 Compliant
  • Maximum temperature: 40° C
  • Type of fluid: water
  • Cable length: from 0,500 mt up to 30,00 mt

Available items:




Length. m.

620.0050 PVC GL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F0,500
620.0200 PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F2,000
620.0300 PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F3,000
620.0500 PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F5,000
620.1000 PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F10,000
620.1500 PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F15,000
620.2000PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F20,000
620.3000PVCGL.90- 16 A-A05 VV-F30,000
625.0050NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F0,500
625.0200NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F2,000
625.0300NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F3,000
625.0500NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F5,000
625.1000NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F10,000
625.1500NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F15,000
625.2000NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F20,000
625.3000NEOPRENEGL.90- 16 A-A07 RN-F30,000